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Five years ago, after returning to serve the people of Garneton for the 4th time, the Zambian government asked us to build a clinic for their people. Although a project so great was not even on our radar, we knew it was something we needed to pray about. Then, as He started to really stir in our hearts, we knew it would take a miracle to happen. Now, we are just in awe of what He is doing! He has made His plan so clear and we are honored to get to be a part of this work that He has called us to!

Millions of dollars worth of Mission Regan supplies are being given to our local community and more than 60 countries now - all in the name of Jesus. We will continue to do what He has called us to - to serve our local community, our beautiful country, and the rest of the world by giving medical supplies to those in need without asking questions. We do this to show them His love, and we are so excited to get to continue to do this at our new warehouse in McKinney every day! It is also obvious that God is calling us to do more in Zambia. Check out this video to see what He is up to.

Help us support our first Missional Family in Zambia, The Taylors.


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